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A Naturally Fresh Appearance Supports Our Well-Being

More and more people are choosing to improve objective or subjective beauty flaws. A change in external appearance always goes hand in hand with the positive effects on the attitude to life. We as humans are a holistic being that form an inseparable unity of body and soul.
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Every patient has a different initial situation and finds different parts of the body aesthetically unattractive, e.g. due to aging processes, after pregnancy and after weight loss. Together with you we will find an optimal, individual solution. We explain the different treatment options and inform you about possible risks as well as the treatment costs.

Filler Treatments

Aging and individual lifestyle influence the aging process of the skin. In addition to wrinkle formation, a volume loss is often detected. A filler treatment offers the possibility to smooth wrinkles and restore youthful volume.

With the help of filler, irritating wrinkles can be smoothed and lost volume can be rebuilt. Fillers are not only suitable for wrinkle treatment, they can also give the face more definition. For example, the filler treatment can provide high cheekbones, a clear chin line and well-shaped lips. The wide range of applications of fillers make them a particularly popular treatment in aesthetic medicine and are used by patients of all ages.

Where are fillers used?

Dermal Fillers are used in the field of aesthetic medicine and aesthetic plastic surgery. In particular, static wrinkles and fine lines on the face are often smoothed with Dermal
filler technology. In this way, disturbing nasolabial folds or so-called puppet folds can be balanced and smoothed.

Wrinkles in the mouth area (perioral wrinkles) or deep facial wrinkles can also be effectively smoothed. The minimally invasive wrinkle treatment contributes to shaping the facial contours and compensates for volume losses. For example, the cheekbones or the chin line can be defined and age-related volume loss and sunken cheeks can be treated. Filler treatments are most often carried out on the face, but disturbing wrinkles can also occur on arms, legs or buttocks.

The emphasis on the cheekbones gives the face a specially defined structure. Fillers are also successfully used in the chin area to ensure a clear chin line. In addition, fillers can be used to smooth irregularities in the nose, such as small bumps.

When does filler treatment make sense?

Filler treatments are particularly suitable for treating static wrinkles on the face. These include nasolabial folds, cheek folds (plied lines) and crow’s feet. Also annoying wrinkles on the décolleté and hands can be smoothed and lips can be shaped and enlarged with the help of a filler treatment.

Filler treatment is often carried out in combination with botulinum toxin to smooth static and facial wrinkles and achieve a particularly fresh natural result.

Botox Treatments

Our face has to work hard every day, for example while talking, laughing or yawning. We constantly use our facial muscles, without the facial expressions the non-verbal communication would not be possible. In addition, the skin is constantly exposed to environmental influences that damage, dry out and irritate it. Over time, this leaves some traces on the face and wrinkles. As soon as they are there, they do not disappear naturally.

This is where aesthetic medicine comes in: With a Botox injection, wrinkles can be smoothed again, the face appears gently renewed , fresh and rejuvenated.

What is Botox and how does it work?

Wrinkles are the result of natural skin aging, as the elasticity and resilience of the skin diminishes over time. In addition, our facial expressions cause small wrinkles on the face that deepen over time and eventually become permanently visible. This is where Botox injections come in: Botox® is the brand name for a drug containing the active ingredient botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin is injected into certain facial muscles and relaxes them. This reduces wrinkles and gently smoothes the skin. Botox treatment is therefore particularly suitable for combating facial wrinkles. These include frown lines, forehead wrinkles and wrinkles around the eyes (also called crow’s feet).

Dr. med. univ. Thomas Bode

As a general practice, we are the first point of contact for a wide variety of concerns. Identifying their contexts and concerns is both exciting and challenging.

 Together with you, we will find the best solutions for you. The therapy methods used should ensure a high benefit with the lowest possible side effects.


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