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Body Composition And Nutritional Consultation

Understanding your body composition gives you the opportunity to prevent diseases through targeted nutrition, sports and stimulate your health. With our modern bioimpedance measurement from Seca, we now have a way to measure body composition in just a few seconds. Use it. Your body will thank you.

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Bioimpedance Measurement

During weight loss or weight build-up, success can be well controlled with the right measurement method. Metabolically active cells, muscle mass, body water, fat deposits and much more are measured. Therefore, we can easily distinguish whether weight loss is caused by the breakdown of fatty tissue or muscle tissue.

The graphical display of the measurement results, optimized in collaboration with medical users, offers you valuable support in diagnosis and therapy. You get a complete picture of the body composition in seconds as well as the possibility of a detailed analysis of specific questions.

Making The Body Composition Visible And Understanding
You can see at a glance whether you have too much fat mass and/or too little muscle mass.

In course measurements, you can see whether a change in diet or a training program is successful.

Seeing initial progress in muscle building or fat reduction illustrates what you can do and is extremely motivating.

A measurement shows exactly when fat and muscle mass are in the green, healthy range. Your age, gender and height will be taken into account.

With the measurement per arm, leg and torso, you can detect muscular imbalances, e.g. legs trained too weakly.

Safe Weight Loss With Medical Support

The aim of the program is to reduce weight mainly through body fat while maintaining muscle mass. In the first meetings, you will learn a lot about an effective diet change so that you can also maintain your new feel-good weight permanently. The duration of the reduction phase depends on the desired weight loss.

Dr. med. univ. Thomas Bode

As a general practice, we are the first point of contact for a wide variety of concerns. Identifying their contexts and concerns is both exciting and challenging.

 Together with you, we will find the best solutions for you. The therapy methods used should ensure a high benefit with the lowest possible side effects.


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