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Prevention through analysis – Medical Check-Up in Berlin

The timely detection of diseases or potentially disease-causing factors is becoming increasingly important. Within the framework of the medical check-up, sensible cancer screenings are also carried out and serious illnesses are excluded.

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We offer you various ways to assess your state of health and optimize your lifestyle based on the results of the medical check-up.

Our focus is not only on the usual parameters, but also on nutrition, exercise and psychoemotional well-being.

We comprehensively pursue the possibilities of using holistic medicine in all areas of life.

We offer various check-ups, which are listed below.

GU 35* – GU 35*: Health Check-Up Which Is Covered By The Public Health Insurance





GU 35*

Medical History

Detailed Initial Medical History + + + +
Vaccination Passport Check + + + +
Full body examination + + + +


GU 35 Laboratory +
Standard Laboratory +
Advanced Laboratory +
Cardio Laboratory +

Cancer Screening

Prostate Examination +
IFOB-Test +
Skin Cancer +


Thyroid Gland + + +
Abdominal Organs + +
Abdominal Aorta + +
Carotid Arteries + +
Cardiac Ultrasound + + +

Cardiovascular Check

ECG + + +
24h Blood Pressure +
24h ECG +
Ergometry + +
Stress Echocardiography +
ABI Measurement + + +
Measurement of pulse wave velocity + + +

Lung Check

Spirometry + + +

Body Composition

Body Fat Analysis + + +

Closing Discussion

Discussion Of Findings + + + +
Nutritional Counseling + + + +
Burnout Prophylaxis Talk +
Final Report + + +

Private Health Insurance Coverage

We offer you various options for assessing your state of health and optimizing your lifestyle based on the results of the medical check-up.

Our focus is not only on GU 35 *: the health examinations which are covered by public health insurances. Additional services and diagnostics can be booked as an individual tailored medical checks, however, these are not covered by the public health insurance.

The private health insurance usually covers the full cost or part of the costs. Please coordinate the coverage with your health insurance in advance. We will be happy to send you a cost estimate. The costs of diagnostics are not reimbursed by the public health insurance.

Dr. med. univ. Thomas Bode

As a general practice, we are the first point of contact for a wide variety of concerns. Identifying their contexts and concerns is both exciting and challenging.

 Together with you, we will find the best solutions for you. The therapy methods used should ensure a high benefit with the lowest possible side effects.


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